Major changes to NSW planning agencies

Today the Minns Government announced three major changes to NSW planning and advisory agencies as they grapple with the challenge of fixing the NSW housing crisis. 
After months of speculation, the Premier and Minister for Planning and Public Spaces announced that two major independent agencies, the Greater Cities Commission and Western Parkland City Authority, will be absorbed into the Department of Planning and Environment.  
Flagging approval blow outs for the need to streamline the planning system, the Government has said it will reduce the duplication and redirect resources towards the Government’s planning priorities.

Key changes:

  1. Greater Cities Commission (GCC)and the Western Parklands City Authority (WPCA) will be absorbed into the Department of Planning and the Environment.
  2. Both GCC and WPCA Chief Executive Officers will now report to the DPE Secretary.
  3. Almost 350 staff will be redeployed to the Department of Planning and Environment.
  4. The GCC Commissioners will continue to assist with metropolitan planning for the Six Cities Region and provide advice to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces.
  5. DPE Acting Secretary Kiersten Fishburn will now work with the Commissioners, and they will finalise draft housing targets and the Six City Region and City Plans.
  6. The WPCA Board will continue to set the direction for the building of Bradfield City and for economic development and investment attraction to the Western Parkland City.
  7. The Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation (NRRC) will be absorbed into the NSW Reconstruction Authority (NSWRA) which will take control of the flood recovery and buy back scheme.


Full media release:

More planning resources to focus on delivery of new houses and infrastructure



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