Issues & Advocacy Campaigns

SEC Newgate’s real-world experience and integrated offering ensures we have the tools you need to run a successful campaign.

We will help you design and implement a strategy to create awareness or drive change, drawing on our expertise across politics, media, digital, research and community.


SEC Newgate’s approach to issues and advocacy campaigning is founded on informed strategy development.

We use research to guide your communications and engagement strategies.

SEC Newgate Research’s ability to identify and assess your issues enables us to develop specific campaign recommendations that are based on a deep understanding of:

  • How individuals process information and make decisions;
  • Effective ways to shift perceptions and behaviour; and
  • The processes of communications and engagement.

We test messages, narratives, campaign concepts and materials using a range of proven techniques.

Our tools include SEC Newgate MessageLab, our proprietary approach to identifying:

  • The messages that will be most effective in shifting opinion among different audiences;
  • The delivery methods that will work with each audience; and
  • How best to frame your overall campaign.

We also conduct robust benchmarking and monitoring research to evaluate the effectiveness of programs, specific campaign elements and engagement initiatives.

Campaign Strategies

An effective advocacy campaign is underpinned by an integrated strategic communications approach.

We combine strategic political nous with proven campaigning skills, which allows us to quickly understand the intricacies of your issue and identify opportunities to affect real change.

Our integrated approach is our point of difference. We know that achieving a campaign win is best achieved through a blend of corporate communications, public affairs, digital communications, community engagement and research.

  • Corporate Communications: We identify your audience, craft the right messages to engage them and develop the strategy and tactics to move them.
  • Public Affairs: We help you navigate the complex legislative and regulatory environment by designing an approach to access all levels of government to ensure your voice is heard in the policy debate.
  • Digital Engagement: We help you use digital channels to influence decision-makers and mobilise communities. Our strategies outline an approach to designing campaign websites, social media and paid media campaigns to help you reach and influence the right audience.
  • Community Engagement: We help you develop an approach to on-the-ground engagement directly in the communities you are trying to reach, which will foster dynamic relationships with your potential advocates
  • Research: We turn research data and polling into actionable recommendations, to craft a strategy which identifies the most effective ways for you to engage and influence.

Campaign Implementation

The depth and breadth of SEC Newgate’s team ensures we have the capability and on-the-ground experience to guide you from campaign idea inception right through to execution.

We will support your team as it mobilises to roll out the campaign on-the-ground, and on agreed channels (traditional and digital) in order to:

  • Nurture and grow grassroots support;
  • Reach and recruit new supporters;
  • Build strategic alliances with a range of influential players;
  • Leverage media to raise your campaign profile and convey a compelling narrative; and
  • Create an environment for persuasive engagement with decision-makers.


Many issues and advocacy campaigns are conducted in the full glare of public scrutiny and interest, which makes it difficult to step back and objectively assess your approach.

SEC Newgate’s campaign experts can work with you to evaluate your campaign in real-time.

We will help you to identify areas for optimisation and improvement throughout the campaign, and ensure you adapt your approach so that it remains aligned to your objectives.

Our Research team can also conduct robust benchmarking and monitoring research to evaluate the effectiveness of programs, specific campaign elements and engagement initiatives.

SEC Newgate will then tailor your approach for the remainder of the campaign and ensure lessons are applied to future opportunities.