Reputation Management & Corporate Positioning

Whether you’re managing reputational impact, or looking to proactively position your organisation, SEC Newgate is your trusted source of counsel when it matters most.

Our team of experienced practitioners has helped guide clients through some of the highest-profile public communications and reputation challenges, and we understand what it takes to effectively position an organisation and its leaders.

Stakeholder Engagement

Effective stakeholder engagement is critical to long-term reputation management and corporate positioning.

SEC Newgate’s broad network across government, business and media means we can help you identify, understand and effectively engage your most important stakeholders – particularly when it matters most in crisis situations.

Strong relationships with your key stakeholders will help to minimise potential reputational impacts and increase the speed of recovery, while they also aid in the positive proactive positioning of your organisation.

SEC Newgate understands how to develop the strategies, tactics and messages that work for government, business, community and media stakeholders.

Our unparalleled experience and networks mean we are well positioned to assist you with your stakeholder engagement programs.

Our unique insights enable us to anticipate your issues. We adapt strategies in response to changing circumstances.

Activities we conduct to assist our clients include:

  • Refinement of stakeholder engagement and communications objectives;
  • Analysis of communications and political environments;
  • Identification of target audiences, decision makers and key influencers;
  • Robust reputation research studies and intelligence gathering among stakeholders;
  • Message development; and
  • Identification of appropriate channels of communication and deliverers of the messages.

Media Strategy

SEC Newgate has extensive experience working with ASX-listed companies and large organisations at the most senior levels to position their leaders and the company more broadly.

Whether you’re seeking to protect your reputation or proactively enhance it, effective reputation management and corporate positioning requires a considered media strategy.

We work with clients to develop a media strategy that identifies opportunities to positively position your company and enhance your profile.

Key elements of an effective media strategy include:

  • Identification of target publications and journalists;
  • Collateral development;
    • Key messages
    • Media releases
    • Op-eds
  • Outreach support; and
  • Media relationship building.

Key Messages

Developing a suite of key messages will help to ensure your communications program achieves maximum impact.

SEC Newgate can help you tailor your key messages for different audiences.

Our experienced team of former journalists, staffers and advisers are experts at crafting key messages that cut-through for different audiences.

We also use tools such SEC Newgate MessageLab, our proprietary approach to identifying:

  • The messages that will be most effective in shifting opinion among different audiences;
  • The delivery methods that will work with each audience; and
  • How best to frame your overall campaign.


Successful advocacy will help to ensure your organisation is well-positioned with stakeholders, particularly in government.

SEC Newgate’s track record of successful advocacy to government on behalf of clients, or on behalf of governments to community and industry groups, has covered some of Australia’s biggest public affairs challenges.

We understand the strategies, tactics and messages that work for government, business, community and media stakeholders, which enables us to tailor the best approach for your organisation.

Many of our consultants hail from government departments and Ministerial offices, providing us a unique insight into the workings of government, which we bring to bear when assisting clients’ advocacy efforts.

SEC Newgate’s advocacy support often involves:

  • Target stakeholder identification;
  • Robust community research to gauge sentiment;
  • Direct outreach;
  • Implementation support; and
  • Supporting material development.

SEC Newgate’s on-the-ground expertise is complemented by our experienced digital team, which brings together the nation’s top campaign and reputation strategists from leading digital organisations.

Reputation Research

Our reputation research helps you to understand what you can do to improve your organisation’s reputation and build stronger relationships with stakeholders.

Clients undertake this research in a range of circumstances, such as:

  • During a period of change;
  • In response to a major issue; and
  • To track sentiment as a part of the ordinary course of business.

Our services in this field range from quick perceptions audits through to our proprietary Reputation Evaluation Program, NewREP.

Our more sophisticated offering, NewREP, measures the health of an organisation’s reputation and what is driving opinions, helping clients to prioritise actions to improve their reputation over time. It uses proven qualitative and quantitative techniques, with our validated framework built on best practice data science and academic thinking in the field.

We conduct reputation and relationship research with all stakeholder groups, including:

  • Clients and customers;
  • Industry and business groups;
  • Government and regulators;
  • Peers;
  • Suppliers;
  • Media;
  • Analysts;
  • Community and interest groups; and
  • Other opinion leaders.

SEC Newgate has conducted reputation research for:

  • Government departments;
  • Major corporations;
  • Professional service and consulting firms;
  • Industry associations; and
  • Advocacy bodies.