United Professional Firefighters Union of Western Australia

The brief

SEC Newgate partnered with the United Professional Firefighters Union of Western Australia (UPFU WA) to design, develop and implement a state-wide campaign – ‘Heroes Support Heroes’ – calling for increased funding for firefighting resources, including critical fire infrastructure, personnel and personal protective equipment.

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The solution

SEC Newgate rapidly developed a positive grassroots, digital and media campaign, which sought to raise awareness of the need for more firefighting resources amongst the community, political leaders and frontline workers.

SEC Newgate supported the development of a compelling campaign narrative and key messages, a multifunctional campaign website, social media assets and materials, helped organise 10 information stalls at community events across WA, staffed by career and volunteer firefighters and placed several media stories in local and major news outlets including TV, radio and print.

A core feature of the campaign was a digital Heroes Wall comprising of selfies posted by supporters to social media using #HeroesSupportHeroes.

The campaign also spoke directly to political stakeholders and raised awareness of the issue in the media. Through this activity, SEC Newgate was able to attract the support of high-profile Western Australians including sports stars and Members of Parliament.

The outcome

SEC Newgate’s engagement resulted in a $38.4 million commitment from the WA State Government towards new firefighting infrastructure and a firefighter support package.

Specific to the campaign asks, the WA State Government announced 36 additional career officers to be permanently deployed in regional WA, $1.2 million towards the expansion and renovation of Kalgoorlie Fire Station and $4 million for new personal protective clothing for all WA firefighters.

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Commitment from the State Government towards a new fire infrastructure and a firefighter support package


Additional career officers permanently deployed in regional WA


Commitment by the State Government towards the expansion and renovation of Kalgoorlie Fire Station

SEC Newgate’s work was crucial in helping us secure additional firefighters, PPE and firefighting infrastructure in Western Australia. SEC Newgate helped us focus our message, engage with the right people and implement a community-led campaign that led to tangible outcomes for firefighters.

Tim Kucera

Secretary, United Professional Firefighters Union