Dying with Dignity WA

The brief

SEC Newgate formed a close partnership with Dying with Dignity WA during its landmark campaign to legalise voluntary assisted dying for the terminally ill in Western Australia.

While more than 85% of Western Australians are supportive of voluntary assisted dying, securing the passage of legislation was a highly-complex process.

Dying with Dignity WA required support with developing and implementing a campaign plan, campaign coordination and engagement with key stakeholders including government, opposition and cross-bench Members of Parliament, members of the non-profit sector, business and the media.

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The solution

Over 12 months, SEC Newgate helped guide Dying with Dignity WA’s government and political stakeholder engagement, identifying ambassadors and spokespeople to persuasively advocate for change, disseminating personal stories and ensuring there was strong coordination between Dying with Dignity WA and other organisations driving the campaign effort.

SEC Newgate also assisted with running community events, including rallies at State Parliament, forums hosted by Members of Parliament, street stalls, and high visibility activities.

The outcome

SEC Newgate’s successful engagement with Dying with Dignity WA concluded with the historic achievement of Western Australia becoming the second jurisdiction in Australia to pass current voluntary assisted dying legislation.

The law came into effect in mid-2021.

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Petition Signatures


Personalised postcards of support


Personalised stories collected and shared

The SEC Newgate team was essential to our campaign. Their ability to develop a compelling narrative, build coalitions and persuade stakeholders of all types was truly amazing. Ultimately, we couldn’t have had the outcome we did without their support.

Steve Walker

Dying with Dignity WA, President