Financial Communications

SEC Newgate has a wealth of experience providing strategic advice and tactical support on capital markets transactions.

We have been trusted over many years to help deliver some of Australia’s most complex and challenging corporate and government transactions.

We have an in-depth understanding of the interplay between business, politics and the media and the role this plays in achieving successful commercial outcomes.

Initial Public Offerings

SEC Newgate has significant IPO experience, having advised on some of Australia’s most high-profile floats.

We work with our clients and their advisers to create a positive environment for a successful listing at every stage of the IPO process.

We develop compelling narratives that can be consistently delivered to stakeholders and media, which is fundamental to our IPO approach.

SEC Newgate ensures the IPO process is underpinned by a robust stakeholder engagement program that makes critical audiences aware of the company’s intentions and enables the company to build relationships it will need as a listed entity.

We also help you secure informed and accurate media coverage by ensuring that media who write about an IPO understand the company, its industry and the investment proposition.

Post-IPO, we offer ongoing investor relations support.

SEC Newgate can assist with:

  • Identifying and understanding market perceptions;
  • Analysing their impact;
  • Developing strategies to promote, maintain or counter prevailing sentiments; and
  • Ensuring the publicly listed company continues to be properly understood by its shareholders and key stakeholders.

Mergers and Acquisitions

SEC Newgate works seamlessly with clients and their corporate advisers on some of Australia’s most high-profile and complex mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

The tone of an M&A deal is often established before the first public announcement and can have a significant impact on its ultimate success.

Our full suite of strategic and tactical communication services ensure you are well-placed to achieve the commercial objectives of a merger or acquisition.

This includes:

  • Strategic advice to Boards and executive teams;
  • Development of a deal narrative and supporting collateral
  • Stakeholder engagement and research;
  • Media and issues management; and
  • Post-transaction support, such as effectively communicating transformation plans to internal audiences.

Government Transactions

SEC Newgate is a trusted firm of choice for government transactions and we have worked on the most consequential asset sales and long-term leases for state and federal governments.

We offer governments an in-depth understanding of the political and policy landscape.

Our experienced team of consultants comprises former lawyers, political advisers and press gallery journalists.

We appreciate the nuances and dynamics of the sensitive nature of these transactions, which sit at the intersection of financial communications and public affairs, and we adhere to the necessary probity requirements.

Our vast experience in government, media, stakeholder and community relations ensures that we can help you to develop informed strategies and respond quickly to issues. We have a particular expertise in asset sales, where we understand that traditional financial communication needs to be overlaid with the communications required by the process, public policy and political aspects inherent in a project where government is the vendor.

Shareholder Activism

SEC Newgate specialises in advising companies that are the subject of a campaign by shareholders or other activist organisations.

The prevalence and sophistication of shareholder activism is rising in Australia – particularly in relation to ESG matters, with activists increasingly swaying social and financial activities and outcomes.

We work with you to ensure your company is prepared and has a robust communications and engagement plan in place to respond to concerns and maintain or restore trust.

Our strategic advice and support spans all campaign phases, including:

  • Early identification and prioritisation of risks and challenges;
  • Creation of robust activist inquiry protocols;
  • Development and implementation of tailored issues management plans;
  • A strategic approach to engaging with shareholders, media, regulators and key stakeholders; and
  • A plan to restore stakeholder trust.

In many of these projects our research business, SEC Newgate Research, plays a fundamental role in identifying and tracking shareholder sentiment, voting intentions and, in the case of schemes of arrangement, likely turnout.

Investor Relations & Financial Calendar Reporting

SEC Newgate helps companies build trust and confidence with shareholders and the broader investment community through investor communications.

Our highly-regarded and experienced team is regularly called upon to provide communications advice and support to successfully position businesses at key milestones including:

  • company results;
  • Annual General Meetings;
  • annual reports; and
  • other announcements to the market, including those required as part of compliance requirements.

We will work with you to identify and create opportunities or potential news angles that can be leveraged to further engage, educate and inform the media and the investment community on matters of relevance to the business.

SEC Newgate will help you implement an investor relations program that:

  • Establishes and builds relationships with major shareholders, targeted investors, and other key members of the investment community;
  • Builds trust and credibility in management among targeted stakeholders by educating investors and others about its strategy, assets, operations, financials, and growth prospects;
  • Defines the investment case and uses it consistently across all forms of communication and interaction with the investment community;
  • Helps investors to understand the value drivers of the business and ascribes ‘fair value’ to the stock on an ongoing basis;
  • Ensures all continuous disclosure and other reporting obligations are met and that there are clear guidelines and procedures for communicating with the market; and
  • Dovetails with media and broader stakeholder engagement to ensure reputation is maintained and enhanced.
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A respected financial communications team

SEC Newgate is renowned for its expertise in financial communications. Along with our colleagues in Hong Kong and Singapore, we are highly ranked on league tables in APAC and were awarded the leading financial communications business in the region.

From IPOs, to contested M&A, cross border deals requiring FIRB approval through to support around results, AGMs and challenging market announcements, SEC Newgate uses its unsurpassed experience and impeccable networks to support clients to navigate the sector.

SEC Newgate was a critical part of our advisory team. Their invaluable advice demonstrated a solid understanding of our business, the market environment in which the acquisition was unfolding, as well as the stakeholders influencing our positioning.

SEC Newgate’s political, business and media insights and contacts were vital, and their ability to work seamlessly across multiple stakeholders helped successfully position ACCIONA.

Bede Noonan

CEO and MD, Acciona Geotech Holdings