Cyber Communications

Recent high-profile cyber-attacks have exposed the vulnerability of Australia’s corporate sector to the devastating consequences of cybercrime and data breaches.

To counter these risks and ensure organisations are prepared, SEC Newgate and CyberCX have formed a partnership, bringing together the specialist technical skills of Australia’s leading cyber security firm, with SEC Newgate’s issues management and crisis communications experience.

Cyber/Comms offers a unique and specialist service to ensure your business is ready to respond when a cyber incident occurs.

Crisis Simulation Workshops

Our specialists will run customised workshops with your team to identify gaps and weaknesses in your current systems and processes, including response times.

These simulations will test the most likely cyber-attack scenarios facing your organisation and the response capabilities of your crisis management team, including the Board and Executive Leadership Team.

Crisis Communications and Security Strategy

We will work alongside you to develop a customised Crisis Communications and Security Strategy to ensure your organisation is prepared and able to quickly mitigate a crisis when a cyber-attack strikes.

The strategy will audit existing plans and security protocols while developing scenario-specific responses customised for your organisation.

Media and Presentation Training

Our media and presentation training is designed to ensure your leaders and spokespeople are able to perform in a highly volatile media environment.

This training will address your organisation’s capabilities to respond to specific cyber scenarios your organisation is most likely to face.

Crisis Incident Support

In a crisis, timing is critical. Our experienced team of technical and communication specialists are available 24/7 to provide the support your organisation needs in responding to a cyber incident.

We can provide ‘on-call’ or ‘in-house’ guidance on the most effective way to mitigate the scenario your organisation is facing.

Crisis Communications Review and Audit

Our audit and review program is designed to occur annually, or following a cyber incident or near-miss. This review is designed to re-test your systems and processes and identify any new risks facing your organisation.

Undergoing a regular assessment ensures that your current crisis plans are up to date, your organisation is prepared and fit for the future.

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Are you ready?

The volume of cyber-attacks and threats being reported across the economy is growing at an alarming pace.

With Cyber/Comms, we can help you prepare, respond and review potential and real cyber risks.