Internal Communications

Effective internal communication is critical to help employees to understand an organisation’s vision and the role they play in achieving it.

Whether you’re in a corporate, not-for-profit or government workforce, positive employee engagement is central to improving organisational performance.


Most organisations understand that employee engagement is central to creating and sustaining job satisfaction, productivity, employee retention and a healthy bottom line.

At SEC Newgate, we recognise that a strategic approach is necessary for employee engagement to be successful and we have the expertise to help you achieve it.

Our specialist employee engagement division brings together our integrated communications, research and engagement expertise to help you better understand your employees and improve internal communications.

At its core, it is about understanding the best way to communicate with your internal teams and what messages will resonate the most. Our team has significant experience working to pinpoint organisational needs and create tailored programs to resolve them, including:

  • Setting new corporate strategy;
  • Engaging employees in organisational change;
  • Checking the health of organsational culture and employee sentiment;
  • Options for further developing employees; and
  • Promoting effective internal communications

Our full suite of internal employee communications service includes:

  • Designing employee engagement programs and organisational change support;
  • Internal communications and channels assessment;
  • Crisis communications;
  • Strategy development;
  • In-house support; and
  • General facilitation and training.

Employee Sentiment Program (ESP)

The key to effective internal communications is understanding your employees’ views and identifying opportunities for improved engagement.

This is what SEC Newgate’s Employee Sentiment Program (ESP) tool delivers.

It will enable you to develop a tailored strategy that will deliver you the targeted outcomes you need to improve employee satisfaction.

SEC Newgate’s Employee Sentiment Program provides an objective measure of:

  • Employee behaviours;
  • Employee perceptions; and
  • Employee satisfaction with their work, team and business environment.

The program generates reliable and actionable insights, while enabling organisations to:

  • Manage change and respond in a crisis;
  • Transform culture;
  • Develop and Enhance internal communications; and
  • Attract, engage and retain top employees.

Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) is a complementary research tool we use to visually represent the organic relationships and interactions that exist within an organisation – between individual employees and teams.

It enables organisational leaders to shape their strategy and build support during times of change in powerful new ways.

ONA shows you how to capitalise on internal communication flows and bridge the gaps.

SEC Newgate’s employee engagement experts and accredited coaches work with clients to use the research findings to inform strategies to empower culture change at all levels of your organisation.